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Laguuni Professional

Day Spa Laguuni

Day spa Laguuni is a modern and sensuous spa which has operated in Turku, Finland since 2005. Laguuni is focused on traditional Asian spa treatments, mostly different massages. Laguuni also operates as an importer of natural Asian cosmetics called Ytsara. With Ytsara, you can serve your own spa customers relaxing and unforgettable moments!


Our treatments are carried out using natural products of Ytsara, a renowned Asian cosmetics brand whose products are used only in internationally distinquished high-standard spas around the world.

The Ytsara herbs,roots, flowers and fruit are produced on Ytsara's organic farms, and handpicked respecting and preserving nature. If some ingredients are not available in nature to be picked, available land free of chemicals will be sought for organic production.

Ytsara has restricted the amount of preservatives in their products to just 0,1%. The rest is replaced by ethereal oils which by nature are very antibacterial. There are also no parabens, mineral oils or artificial fragrance in Ytsara's products.

Got interested?

Day spa Laguuni offers education of Ytsara's various massaging techniques. If you want to serve your customers complete relaxation and to be different to other salons, take contact to Laguuni. We are here for you!