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Relaxed and quiet atmosphere without hurry

Day Spa Laguuni

Day Spa Laguuni is a modern spa offering its customers traditional Asian spa treatments. We have operated in Turku since 2005, where the spa premises are located in the very centre of the town. Our entire personnel bids you most welcome to enter our special world- Jin dii ton rab!

Spa etiquette

Welcome to Day spa Laguuni


Open mind

You are welcome to enjoy the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere here at Day spa Laguuni. When arriving to enjoy a treatment, all you need to bring with you is an open mind. All the towels and garments necessary for the treatment will be provided as a part of the service.


We respect you

For the massage treatments we show you the greatest possible respect by covering you with a towel, which only exposes the area being treated. This ensures you the greatest possible comfort.


In good time

We wish that you would arrive a while before your appointment is scheduled to begin, in order to ensure that there is no need to rush. If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least a day in advance.


Gift certificates & booking

Our gift certificates are valid for ten months, we wish that you use your voucher by this expiration date. You will receive a text message to confirm your booking. Please contact us, if you do not receive the confirmation.


Illness and pregnancy

When you are making an appointment to Laguuni, please let us know if there is any possible illness which might effect to the chosen treatment. We also hope that you mention if you are pregnant, so we could take that into consideration.



Here At Day spa Laguuni we value peace and quiet. Please take other customers into consideration and switch your mobile phone on mute as you arrive.

Thank you!