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Pamper your
best friend

Day Spa Laguuni
Gift Certificate

Give your friend or loved one a lovely and relaxing experience for a birthday, graduation or any other celebration. With Day Spa Laguuni’s gift certificate, you can give your friend a treatment from our wide selection and offer moments of harmony for the senses, body and mind. In addition to treatments, you can now get high-quality Ytsara products with a gift certificate. Read more about the products here.

Read more about the terms of delivery of gift certificates and different payment methods. The gift certificate and receipt are sent to your email address right after the purchase. The gift certificate is valid for 10 months. Please contact us, if you do not receive the gift certificate.

Choose from the following gift certificates:

Treatment Product Treatment & product

Choose a treatment:

For the recipient of the gift certificate, choose either a specific treatment or enter an amount of your choice on the gift certificate. You can decide yourself from which date the gift certificate is valid for 10 months.

Choose products:

Now you can also purchase high-quality products from Thai Ytsara with a gift certificate. Select the desired products and quantities. The products are picked up from our store. Please note that we do not deliver products by post.

Ytsara Fresh skin shower gel 200 ml
Ytsara Fresh skin shower gel 200 ml Coconut-based shower gel with the scent of lavender, lemon grass and orange pampers the body and mind. 30,00 € / pc
Ytsara Deep Calm Pillow Mist 100 ml
Ytsara Deep Calm Pillow Mist 100 ml Calming and relaxing pillow mist is recommended for a stressed, busy and anxious mind. 30,00 € / pc
Ytsara Comfort Crème Cleanser 125 ml
Ytsara Comfort Crème Cleanser 125 ml Creamy cleansing milk with hibiscus, almond oil and shea butter moisturises, calms and purifies. 35,00 € / pc
Ytsara Toning Elixir 120 ml
Ytsara Toning Elixir 120 ml Toner with plenty of plant extracts firms, softens and calms the skin and refines pores 30,00 € / pc
Ytsara Eye & Lip Make-up Erase 100 ml
Ytsara Eye & Lip Make-up Erase 100 ml Oil-free, gentle and calming eye and lip make-up remover removes also waterproof make-up. 30,00 € / pc
Ytsara Well rested eye mask
Ytsara Well rested eye mask Eye mask with the scent of Kaffir lime and lavender can be used as it is or cooled for relaxing moments at home. 45,00 € / pc

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